Welcome to the  Wanderers Golf Club

Welcome to the Wanderers Golf Club

The Wanderers Golf Club offers a variety of facilities geared to the needs of corporate and private function organisers. Years of experience and professionalism ensure that the events run smoothly and successfully.

The Wanderers Golf Club welcomes visitors during the week - excluding Mondays when the course is closed for maintenance. Bookings can be made via our Pro Shop team who are always ready to assist with all your golfing needs.


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Green & Course conditions

Green Conditions

1. The course held up well over the 75th Anniversary week. No games were unduly affected by the weather, mainly because there was no rain that week! We have had substatial rains since then, with nearly 100mm falling during the first two weeks of November.

2. The flower bed behind the 8th green is designated as Ground Under Repair (GUR), and it is mandatory to drop a ball if your ball lands in it, whether or not you find your ball. Please note that there is now a drop zone next to the flower bed. You may drop a ball within one club length of the nearest point of relief under rule 25-1, or you can drop a ball within the drop zone. There is no penalty for either action.

3. Please be aware that the "Sucker through the green" local rule still applies. With wet weather becoming more prevalent, you should acquaint yourself with this local rule. Simply put, you may drop the ball out of its own pitch mark, anywhere except on the current teeing area, the green and in hazards. Don;t forget to clean the ball before you drop it as near as possible to its original position.

3. The course is very busy throughout the week. Please repair pitch marks and divots at all times, including the divots in the rough. Even if you did not cause the damage, it would help if you could do your bit. Sandbags are available from the Club Pro Shop, and next to the 1st and 10th tees.

Last updated: 14 Nov 2014


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For a more detailed course report, click on the link below to access our Green Keeper’s blog. You can see some great photographs and up-to-date information on current activities on the course.


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