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Update on drainage of the 12th hole

Tuesday, 07 June 2011

Update on drainage of the 12th hole

As you are all aware, we have had excessive water for the past 2 seasons now and the result is that the water table is so high that the water has nowhere to go and has created wetland type areas on our golf course.

One of the worst affected areas has been the 12th hole and getting from the tee to the fairway has posed some challenges of late. The good news is that Jackie and Darran have come up with a solution whereby they have an open trench in the area between 12 and 13, this area being out of play has allowed them to dig an open trench and to get the water moving down to the fairway across 12 where they have linked a pipe under the fairway and connected it to the drainage into 11 dam.

Already I can see a huge improvement in the wetland area and am very positive that within the next few days the 12th hole will have dried up and play will carry on without any unnecessary sloshing through the swamp.

Thank you for the update Lenn.


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