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Up date on care of the course

Friday, 27 January 2012
Up date on care of the course

With the growing season now in full swing and the availability of decent sod, our greens team are now able to start addressing some of the worst affected areas on the golf course, this week Jacky and Darran have rotavated and prepared the areas on the 4th fairway that was infiltrated with the fine grass. They will lay new sod and with decent water and fertilizer, we should have the areas grown in no time at all.

With the new sodded areas, come other factors that determine the way in which the grass will grow, one of the major factors is sunlight and as a result, a very aggressive pruning programme has been implemented on the 4th, whereby the trees will be cut back, allowing more sunlight in and also promote more airflow, again promoting growth on the fairway.

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(Thank you Lenn.)



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