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TWO hole-in-one's

Friday, 11 May 2012
TWO hole-in-one's

2 Shots In 8 Days


On Thursday 26 April, Mark Williams achieved the perfect fluke, holing out for a hole in one on the 6th hole. The following Thursday, 3 May, Mark achieved the very same result, holing out in one on the 15th hole. Both holes in one were made using an 8 iron and both were very impressive golf shots, leaving the middle of the golf club, towering 8 irons that pitched just short of the pin and released nicely to find the bottom of the cup.

What really gets to me is that Mark plays golf using the Papwa grip, he is able to generate incredible club head speed and hits some really awesome golf shots. As they say in the classics, trust your swing and commit to the process even if you are holding the club a little strange, repetition is the key to good golf shots. Mark likes to refer to his par 3 play as striking for Bafana Bafana. If only Mark had scored more goals like he scores holes in one, who knows Bafana could also hold a World Cup.


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