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Scratch League 2011 - FIRST TEAM

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Scratch league 2011- FIRST TEAM


Having pretty much lost our top 5 players from 2009 and 2010 we had no doubt that 2011 would be a very tough year and one of consolidation.


Although we started slowly (winning only 1 match out of 7) we lost 3 matches

5/4 and one 5.5/3.5 - all of which could so easily have gone the other way. In our

favour with the result was that, with our exceptionally strong finish (we won 4 out of 4),

but for a putt or two we could have been title contenders once again.


It was good to have Shaun Stapleton and Bryn Flanagan back from the US for

the last few games to add the solidity and confidence that we were lacking at the

top end of the batting order. Their results speak for themselves.


Our Most Valued Player was Darran Warner with an 82% success rate.

Our new Junior Club Champion, 17 year old Han-Jun Bae who in his 1st year in the team won 5.5 out of a possible 8 points was the find of the season.


Yubin Jung, Byron Hardy and Bruno Van Eck all achieved 50% success rates and when the chips are down the team can certainly rely on them to grind out the results we need.


Jonathan Raphunga had another excellent season and has firmly cemented his place in the top 5 in the team.

Many thanks to Darren Simpson, John Nienaber, Gerry Terblanche, Stuart Hancock and Daniel Hammond for their contributions to the team as well.


Our new captain, Roger Stubbs, had a very successful year and I have no doubt

that he will grow in this role with his many years experience as a scratch league player

standing him and the team in good stead.


Once again it was a pleasure to manage the team and we look forward to more

success in 2012.


Chris Leicher


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