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SAMS Winter Frolic

Friday, 27 May 2011

SAMS Winter Frolic

The second of this year’s SAMS majors was played last week on a very pleasant Johannesburg winter morning. As expected, the guys were up and ready early to take on the field and to compete for the bragging rights of the 2011 Winter Frolic Champions.

With the cold front having moved up from the Cape, the timing of Winter Frolic was superb, where else in the world can you play a winter round of golf in short sleeves and perfect sunshine, not to mention being able to round the day off with a few cold ones around the braai? We truly are blessed and with the rain having subsided for the time being, the golf course is in immaculate condition and still emerald green this late in May.

Well done to our Winter Frolic Champs, Eddie Parker, Steve de Boer, Graham Liversage and Larry Wilensky.

Thanks Lenn...



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