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SAMS Captains Corner

Friday, 30 March 2012
SAMS Captains Corner


This week in the wonderful world of SAMS, was sponsored by Stallion Security. Long standing SAMS member, Gavin White stole the day by scoring a splendid net 64 to win the Itec Converge Johnnie Walker Black, his life time best score. Ray Coole was looking good for the helmet with his numerous golfing misdemeanours in the company of the SAMS captain – extremely late on the tee, making more jokes than stableford points, making pigeon noises all day and scoring a net 80. A far greater misdemeanour must have occurred for Ray not to get the helmet. It was decided by the SAMS elder statesmen’s that it was “the right thing to do” to don the honour of the famous helmet on SAMS captain Stuart Smith for putting in a supreme effort to prepare for the SAMS St Patrick’s Day major, only to pull out at the 11th hour. Stuart took this in his stride and was a great sport. Stuart, we can’t wait to hear the joke you have been preparing for the past 2 prize giving’s. Stuart was relieved to hear that there were very few 80 clubs, however all the sub-pars kept Stuart running around like a headless chicken in the bar. Randal Lewis was drawn as the winner in Friday night’s “dip n dop”, but was not present to collect, a hard-luck Charlie. The chirp of the day was “that just lost you R8400 and now pay your fine”. On a sad note, Ralph Hirsch slipped in the changing room before his round on Saturday and cut his head open resulting in many stitches. I have spoken to him and he is recovering well. We wish Mike Leisegang every success for his double knee replacements. We hope to see you both back on the course soon.

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