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Sunday, 10 June 2012


This weekend, the world of SAMS was sponsored by Lazzara Leicher Inc. With an interesting course set up for the scratch players playing on Sunday, there were a few more members in the net 80’s club at prize giving. The time on the course didn’t dampen the mood and the longest and shortest day came from the same fourball. Well done to Gareth Walford for his Itec Converge sponsored Johnnie Walker Black winning performance of a net 66 off his 10 handicap. His playing partner for the day, Grant Race, didn’t fare too well with his POW winning / losing net 84. Grant did have a helping hand at prize giving and Andy Hermanson was the “lucky” recipient. While Grant “Raced” around collecting fines, Andy was kind enough to try and sell a few more raffle tickets for us. Those raffle tickets were for 5 SAMS members to watch the test rugby on the 16th at Ellis Park when South Africa takes on England. We were very fortunate for the Vodacom sponsored tickets that Gavin Lukan was able to arrange, thanks Gavin and Vodacom. Chris Carrington, Andre Gross, Bruce Laubscher, Marshall Walford and Lance Bouah are the 5 members who will be watching the game live. Hope you enjoy the day.

Even though cellphones are banned from the course, a SAMS captain did pull his out to take a quick snapshot of Vissie Fourie playing his second shot from behind the white club tees on the 11th. Sorry Vissie, but that’s what happens when you play with a captain. This of course did mean he had a special mention at prize giving. Might have something to do with the fact that we are all still very jealous of your recent winnings. Speaking of winnings, congratulations went out to the runners on up on 73 points. Rob Ferguson thought his fourball was sitting pretty on that score but alas, the fat lady had not sung and when she did, it was not his tune. However, it was to the tune of 79 points from; Lionel Saks, Eddie Parker, Albert Smith and Neill Nortjie. We are certain that they will enjoy the Lazzara Leicher hamper and a little extra in their account with Lenn. Hope everyone has practiced and will be making a go for it on the course this weekend.
Chris and Stuart



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