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SAMS Captains Corner 12th May 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012
SAMS Captains Corner 12th May 2012


This week, SAMS was sponsored by FEDEX and what a great day it was. After much anticipation for the better ball knock out between the Rickie Fowler “orange” team of Geoff Knights and Nigel Thomas against the Tiger “can still win in red” team of Dean Redelinghuys and Neill Nortjie. It came down to the last hole with them sitting at all square. Team orange managed to take the hole and the spoils of victory. When we were setting up for prize giving, members were encouraged to put notes into the pot with their names on as a bottle of Jameson Special Reserve had to be won. As this prize giving was going to take a little longer, the SAMS captains decided that not the usual one, but two POW’s would be needed. Lucky for us, Neill and Dean were two great candidates. They ran around collecting all that needed to be collected from the various misdemeanours. As Geoff Knights was on his way to helping his team win their knockout game, he was unable to enter the main competition. It would have been hotly contested and the rule books probably would have had to come out, but in the end, the Itec Converge best net was superbly won by Vic Fields with his great 65. All his team mates for next week’s major, Winter Frolic are sure hoping his great form stays with him until then.


Just a friendly reminder for next week if you are lucky enough to be playing, the best dressed during prize giving won't go home empty handed. If you are a past SAMS captain, this will be the ONLY time that you won't have to wear your old shirts as it is expected you will be rocking to the theme. The end of last week’s prize giving ended up with Barry Scott Brown and Gavin Lukan taking 1st place by way of a count out over Sean Higgs and Vic Fields. After a little discussion, Sean graciously donated his 2nd place winnings towards the SAMS kitty. Goes to show that you shouldn’t mess with the man with the microphone. The end of the day was rounded up with Graham Crosson from FEDEX pulling the name of the winner of the Jameson’s Special Reserve. Well done to Jeff Wilson for taking it home. Happy hacking everyone and hopefully see you on Saturday morning in all your rock and roll paraphernalia.


Chris and Stuart


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