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SAMS Captains Corner 11th August 2012

Monday, 20 August 2012


 This week, the wonderful world of SAMS was sponsored by Fedex, and what a wonderful day it was.

The course was set up a little tougher for the regular SAMS’ters as only three had net under par rounds. One of those that was under par and walked away with the Itec Converge sponsored Johnnie Walker Black was Johnny Nienaber with his 68, +1, net 69. The SAMS captains learnt via the grapevine that it was Randall Lewis’ birthday on Saturday and as he didn’t tell one of the captains he was playing with, he was a dead ringer for the helmet. However, as he is still recovering from his neck operation, and due to the fact that Steven Jack didn’t come close to the club when he had his birthday the weekend before, it was only fitting that Steven took the helmet on Randall’s behalf. During the birthday wishes, it came to fruition that Ray Coole and Chris Leicher have also just had birthdays. Congratulations all for making it another year.

Gavin White was going to take the Angus Murray award for his “slight” outburst after messing up a shot however, with his general grumpiness amongst other things, it went to Neill Nortjie. As it is a Ryder Cup year, the SAMS school has decided to hold their own Ryder Cup with a slight difference. The four captains have made their first round picks. Marshall Walford, captain of Marshall’s Wallies, chose Clive Mckenzie, Graham Crosson, Steven Jack and Johnny Nienaber. Chris Carrington, captain of The Naartjie Boys, chose John Mclaughlin, Rob Ferguson, Barry Scott-Brown and Simon Wade (Snr). Dean Redelinghuys, captain of The Nameless Wonders, chose Nigel Thomas, Geoff Knights, Roy Dinsdale and Terry Bates. Rounding off the captains and their picks, Andy Ostle and his Rampent Ryders, chose Russell Sourgen, Bruno van Eck, Gary Eccles and Bernard Wands. If you want to be participate in this, go and speak to one of the four captains and you might just be their pick this weekend when the next lot are announced.

See you this weekend on the course.

The SAMS Captains


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