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SAB Golf Day with Graeme Joffe

Thursday, 13 October 2011
SAB Golf Day with Graeme Joffe

Joffers My Boy!
On Tuesday, we hosted the SAB golf day, Graeme Joffe had a magnificent day out on our course, shooting his best ever score, a gross 72. Well played Joffers.

Graeme was so impressed with his caddy Lucas! Lucas was a regular caddy on the Sunshine tour and used all his skills and knowledge of the game to guide Joffers around the Wanderers for his career best, could not have been an easy task as we all know the Joffers has hit his golf ball in places that our ground staff have yet to discover.

Joffers was blown away, so much so that he insisted that I make mention in my mail that he shot his best ever score and has also asked that we keep his pic on the website for some time, for all his mates to see that he is in fact a reasonable golfer and not the hack and easy money game his mates reckon he is.


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