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Friday, 27 January 2012

Unfortunately, we do have a very necessary evil at this time of the year with regards to Hollowtining. We have chatted to Jackie and Darran and they have given us a brief break down as to what goes on when we Hollowtine.

Why Hollowtine?

We Hollowtine the greens to take the compaction out of the greens, air the greens, to stimulate new growth and to take out thatching, as we are now nearing the final stages of the hollowtine, I am blown away at how quickly the greens have recovered and believe that we will be putting on next to perfect green by next week.

Step 1: Verti cut greens- meaning that we thinning the grass on the greens.

Step 2: Hollowtine – This process takes out cores of grass from the green.

Step 3: Seeding – Seed the greens with new grass.

Step 4: Porous Ceramic – Put Porous Ceramic onto the greens.

Step 5: Silica – Sand all the greens with Silica Sand to fill the holes on the greens.

Step 6: Fertilizers – Fertilizer all the greens with Natural turf

Step 7: Water – Water all the greens.

Hopefully, the process should take 14 days and we should see a vast improvement in our greens. We may see a “wee bit” of sand towards the end of the month.

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(Thank you Lenn)


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