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Heimie and Rachel's new family - Please BE - AWARE

Monday, 31 October 2011
Heimie and Rachel's new family - Please       BE - AWARE

Heimie and Rachel's new family

This past week we have been blessed with the birth of 9 Cygnets, they were born on Saturday and Sunday

and have already enjoyed their first swim on the 11th dam.

As they are still very young and fragile, both mom and dad are very protective over their little ones

and as such will defend them and can cause some serious harm to you should you get too close.

We urge you to please keep away from the new family and to respect their space, we are also of the

opinion that should we pressurize them too much then they are forced to keep moving the Cygnets

around and not necessarily to the safer parts of the golf course thus creating a possible danger to the little guys.

Please take care when playing as the swans are now all over the course and can at times get in the way of

your errant golf shot, a little patience and a clear route for your golf shot and we will avoid the drama with

having more wounded swans at the vet.


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