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C.O.W. Darran is a good sport !

Monday, 16 July 2012
C.O.W. Darran is a good sport !

C.O.W Of The Week

This week’s C.O.W is Darran Warner. Darran was not made the C.O.W because he played terrible golf, Darran happened to be playing behind some slow golfers on Saturday and as they did not stay for prize giving, we had to make another plan. Darran being the sport he is, gladly accepted the hat and proceeded to raise the bar on collecting fines during the evening’s prize giving. Darran has issued a challenge to all future C.O.W’s to beat his record and to also take fine collecting to a higher level.

Even if you have to accept bribes from your fellow playing partners, do so as the fines collected do go to a very good cause that will be decided at the end of the year by your Captain.


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