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C.O.W. 19 August 2012

Monday, 27 August 2012
C.O.W. 19 August 2012

This week’s COW was certainly a very fitting recipient, Neil Naartjie Nortje, was definitely made to fit fancy Wanderers Head Wear, not only does the WW2 German Helmut fit perfectly, but so too does the jesters hat appear to be made to order.

Naartjie won the award for various reasons, but the deciding factor was very simple, mentioned in the Pro Shop, Naartjie made a comment that he was drawn to play with our club captain. Some noticed a hint of fear, others a hint of despair, be that as it may, Naartjie maintains that he was expressing excitement and looking forward to teeing it up in the captain’s 4 ball on Saturday morning.

Well done Naartjie, you officially hold the record for the most money collected in the PM prize giving, worth noting, is that our captain has decided to donate all fines collected during the PM prize giving to a charity of his choice at the end of the year.


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