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Club Championship 2012 - news from Lenn Flanagan

Friday, 13 April 2012

Club Championship 2012

We are only a week away from the biggest club event on our calendar; this is where the men are separated from the boys. We have decided to make this year’s event a more enjoyable experience for all, having manipulated the A Division somewhat and played around with the setup, we can now give everyone a championship golf course and still ensure that you will enjoy your experience no matter what division you are competing in.

The A Division is from handicaps +3 to 7 and these guys will be playing off the RED tees, testing their ability on what will be the ‘Championship’ course. Our B Division golfers will be handicaps 8 to 15 who will play from the WHITE tees, this course will challenge you more around the greens, but some length can be expected on certain holes. However you will not be stretched off the tips and will still have a very enjoyable weekend’s golf. For our C Division golfers, handicaps from 16 onwards, you guys will be playing a very much standard length course, pretty much what we play every weekend from the club tees, with a little twist to keep in the spirit of a championship. The C Division tees will be the BLUE tees.

I am sure that you will all agree, this format will suit all golfers, creating a competitive event without punishing anyone unnecessarily. What is also important to remember is should any golfer, no matter what his handicap believe that he can compete with the A Division and could stand a chance in winning the Championship and being crowned our 2012 Club Champion, he is more than welcome to compete from the Red Tees and play for the title.


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