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Friday, 24 June 2011

It's A Boy...

Last week we had our bird expert, Dr Russell from the Bryanston Veterinary clinic, come down to the club and take blood from our lone swan in order to sex him. We have now had confirmation from the lab that he is intact a boy and we can now get a little girl as a mate for him.


Our ladies section have sponsored our new swan mate and we have one on order, all things being equal we will be able to collect next week and get the 2 birds together.

(See separate item and photo of them together.)


According to the experts, swans only reach sexual maturity at around age 2. As our boy is now 8 months old, he is now at the best age to start settling down and will take easily to his new mate. Swans do mate for life and we will have in the next few years, 2 breeding pairs who will keep their own nesting areas on the golf course.


On Tuesday, we introduced our new little swan girl to her new mate. Our swan expert from Exotic Waterfowl delivered her to the club. After a rather dramatic release, the 2 birds have finally settled down together and are looking very happy and at home.


Both swans are 9 months old and according to the experts we can expect them to start nesting and having little ones in the next 2 years. I will keep you updated as to their progress and can tell you that so far this week they have settled down very well and look happy together.


Thank you Lenn....


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