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Royal St George's

Tuesday, 04 September 2012
Royal St George’s As a treat and a change of scenery before the tournament, James and I travelled to Sandwich and played a round of golf at Royal St Georges Golf Club, host to the Open Championship and a true links golf course.   Rolling dunes and deep bunkers, along with some fresh sea winds and long grass and believe me you are in for an amazing test of golf. Miss a fairway and you will be lucky to find your ball, let alone play a shot at it. Do not enter the bunkers, in some of them you will be so deep that it will be a challenge to see the pin, let alone play a shot to the green.     All in all what a round of golf, if ever you need to test your skills, trust me get onto a true links golf course and enjoy…

Disabled British Open 2012

Tuesday, 04 September 2012
Disabled British Open 2012 This past week, I had the privilege of travelling with James Hourigan to England where James competed in the Disabled British Open, played at East Sussex National Golf Resort. The tournament course was played on their East course and proved to be in awesome condition, playing very tough yet rewarding of a good golf shot.       Always quick to learn, we managed to put together a very comprehensive game plan and decided early on to keep our golf ball out of the hay. As with most tournament venues, greens are sped up during the week and the rough is left to grow as it wishes. Miss a fairway and pay the price, sometimes play a provisional ball. Lance Bouah joined us for our first practice round and I am sure he will back me up and tell you that the golf course was a…

Loyalty points - READ ALL ABOUT IT !!

Monday, 03 September 2012
Attached please find full details of our proposed "Loyalty points" programme. YOUR input is needed.

C.O.W. 19 August 2012

Monday, 27 August 2012
This week’s COW was certainly a very fitting recipient, Neil Naartjie Nortje, was definitely made to fit fancy Wanderers Head Wear, not only does the WW2 German Helmut fit perfectly, but so too does the jesters hat appear to be made to order. Naartjie won the award for various reasons, but the deciding factor was very simple, mentioned in the Pro Shop, Naartjie made a comment that he was drawn to play with our club captain. Some noticed a hint of fear, others a hint of despair, be that as it may, Naartjie maintains that he was expressing excitement and looking forward to teeing it up in the captain’s 4 ball on Saturday morning. Well done Naartjie, you officially hold the record for the most money collected in the PM prize giving, worth noting, is that our captain has decided to donate all fines collected during the PM prize giving…
Book now to join in the fun on 15th September 2012 for the "Old School is Cool" anniversary day. See the attachment for full details !  
Book now to join in the fun on 15th September 2012 for the "Old School is Cool" anniversary day. See the attachment for full details !  

Congratulations - Gavin Sumption

Monday, 20 August 2012
Congratulations to Gavin Sumption on completing his apprenticeship so successfully. See the attached letter for full details - or ask him when you see him on the course !
THE SAM'S CAPTAINS CORNER     This week, the wonderful world of SAMS was sponsored by Fedex, and what a wonderful day it was. The course was set up a little tougher for the regular SAMS’ters as only three had net under par rounds. One of those that was under par and walked away with the Itec Converge sponsored Johnnie Walker Black was Johnny Nienaber with his 68, +1, net 69. The SAMS captains learnt via the grapevine that it was Randall Lewis’ birthday on Saturday and as he didn’t tell one of the captains he was playing with, he was a dead ringer for the helmet. However, as he is still recovering from his neck operation, and due to the fact that Steven Jack didn’t come close to the club when he had his birthday the weekend before, it was only fitting that Steven took the helmet on Randall’s behalf.…
Herewith an email received yesterday by Chris Leicher (Wanderers Golf Club Chairman) From: Paul Adams - Golf Notions [mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ] Sent: 15 August 2012 07:32 PM To: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Cc: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 'Kim' Subject: Launch of HickoryT Golf SA Dear Chris and the Management and Committee of the Wanderers Golf Club It gives Brit and I extreme satisfaction to be able to write this letter – because it is as a result of the EXCEPTIONAL service we received leading up to and including the launch of our new company on Monday 13th August at Wanderers Golf Club.  When we approached Jeff and Kim about a month or so ago about the launch of a new initiative with a theme of “Scottishness” and the request to do it on a Monday; the response was immediately positive and “it would not be a problem to open on Monday the 13th”.  This was the start of…

John Stapleton - 100 metre dash

Monday, 13 August 2012
John Stapleton is this week's proud recipient of the COW award for his 100 metre dash. John was walking down from the 17th green towards the 18th tee and pushed his cart down the bank, hoping it would stop near the seniors tee. Unfortunately for John, the cart didn't stop and started going down the slope towards the 18th dam. John dashed down and stopped it just before it went in, then had to start and the trudge back up to the top and then still had to tee off.

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