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SAMS 5th May 2012

Friday, 11 May 2012
  THE SAMS CAPTAINS CORNER This week in the wonderful world of SAMS, the day was sponsored by Lazzara Leicher Inc. With the A & B Division Top 16 being postponed to the end of the year, there were quite a few visitors in the field. Mike Chamier decided it was time to introduce his visitor, Peter Davidson from Scottburgh Golf Course. As there was no clear cut candidate for the POW for the week, it was decided that with keeping up with our tradition of breaking certain traditions, Peter would be it, even after his round of a net 69 off an 11. He was a fantastic sport running around under the helmet collecting all the various fine monies. Even after wallets were tapped out from paying all the fines and still more needed to be collected, Peter was able to take a few watches from the members. The…
If you do know the answers to "Who wants to be a Millionare" then book your table for the Wanderers Quiz evening now. And if you don't know the answers, still come for a wonderful entertaining evening. See the attachment for full details.
Attached please find the events that are coming up in the near future at our Golf Club.  

Happy 75th Birthday Tom

Friday, 04 May 2012
Happy 75th Birthday Tom After careful consideration and loads of deliberation, Tom Hardy was awarded the C.O.W of the week, the afternoon school's version of the SAMS P.O.W. As Tom shot his age plus an additional third of his age, as well as playing golf on his birthday, it really was a fitting award and wearing the Chelsea Jester's Hat even more so as by the end of the European football season. Chelsea will have more silverware in their trophy cabinet than Tom's United. By the way C.O.W stands for clown of the week and not... Congrats Tom, wishing you many more happy birthdays.
Clubhouse Service Excellence Champions for April 2012: Daniel Radingwana and David Gcabashe We gave two Clubhouse awards this month, as both Daniel and David have worked exceptionally hard and we need to recognise both of them for their work. Daniel - Daniel has a very difficult job as the starter to make sure that everyone goes off on time and does not sit too long at halfway house and he has also done a fantastic job with making sure that all golfers have sandbags this month - well done Daniel! David - the Kitchen had a difficult month as we had staff away on leave and off ill and David stepped up and put in extra hours and worked even harder to help - well done David!
Course Service Excellence Champion for April 2012: Bongane Mathlane Jackie Sekatane gave Bongane the award this month as he worked very hard while Jackie was away on leave, he even worked on Public Holidays and Jackie heard very good reports about Bongane's work when he returned - well done Bongane!
Attention All Full Members! Your Captain, Russell Sourgen, and his Vice-Captain, Bruno Van Eck, invite you to take part in the Captain’s Challenge and win a weekend’s golf at San Lameer! How The Competition Works: - The format will be Betterball Stableford. - Sign the name of your pair on the attached form. - One game will be played per month and the challenge runs for 12 months - Pairs shall be drawn according to the order on the list – i.e. the 1st pair drawn will play the 1st game. If not available then the 2nd pair etc. - On the day of your challenge, the challengers shall be the guest of the Captain and all golf expenses shall be complimentary (with the exception of caddies and cart hire).   - At the end of the 12 month challenge, the pair that have the best Betterball score shall enjoy…

Tandi - website

Friday, 04 May 2012
Please visit our Ladies section for full details on Tandi Cunningham's new website.
THE SAMS CAPTAINS CORNER This week, the wonderful world of SAMS was sponsored by Fedex. After an enthralling day was spent trying execute the latest tips from Lenn on the course, the traditional prize giving started as usual at 13:30, on the dot. A big welcome back was given to Ralphie Hirsch, it seems he is still a little worse off after his slight head injury. Hopefully soon we will have him back on the course with us. Consideration was given as to who would be chosen to wear the helmet, it was a tossup, but ultimately, it was given to Lance Bouah. Lance decided to get good value for money around the course walking off with a net 80. It could have also been down to the fact that Lance turned 50 this past week. Congratulations went out to Brian Biebuyck after his recent wedding. Looks like the wedding…

Shalom Golf Day

Wednesday, 18 April 2012
Dear Members, Kindly find the attachments hereto for the Shalom Golf Day that will be held at the Club on 22 May 2012. It is not usually our policy to advertise golf days held at the Club to our members. However, an exception has been made in this instance, as it is being organized by one of our members and has been moved from another club to The Wanderers Golf Club. Should you be able to assist in any way please contact Paula Forssman, as per the attached.

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