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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Members enjoy a variety of activities on a regular basis, as well as special events from time to time. From a golfing point of view, there are several "schools" at different times of the week. Guests are welcome at most times, subject to restrictions on Saturdays. For most days of the week, times can be booked online at http://www.golftimesa.co.za or through the Wanderers Golf Club Pro Shop.

Friday Night Dip 'n Dop

Join the fun every Friday night in the Pub. You can enjoy a drink with your fellow-members (and guests) at the start of the weekend. At 6:30 there are two draws, one for members and one for all who buy a ticket beforehand.


SAMS - Saturday AM School. This is one of the most popular "schools", and is nearly always booked out. It is run by two "Captains" for a period of a year, each term culminating in the "Turkey Trot". For more details please contact one of the current Captains, listed in the Contacts section. They take bookings for the following Saturday at 6 pm on Friday night, before the Dip 'n Dop.

Saturday PM School. This is the prime afternoon time for Club golf, with prizes presented afterwards by the Club Captain. Bookings open on the previous Saturday morning. You can bring a guest with permission in advance from the Chairman, Captain or Club Manager.

Wednesday School. Pitch up and play in a drawn competition on any Wednesday. This is also a thriving section, run by Roy Dinsdale (0832507478). Visitors are always welcome. It is advisable to check with Roy or the Pro Shop in advance, in case the Wednesday school is playing away.

Thursday School. This is a well-established school, in which times are booked. If you are looking for a game, there is often a vacancy and you will be made very welcome. It is also open to visitors.

 For Ladies' and Juniors' Activities, please see their sections.



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